Areas of Expertise:
  1. Quality assurance, quality control and supervision of the construction industry, road construction, earthworks and quarries.
  2. Damage surveys (PAVER)
  3. Performance monitoring using non-destructive devices such as: GEOGAUGE, PQI.
  4. Counseling, establishing operating procedures, establishing quality procedures (QC / QA) training employees, preparing Accreditation quarries (Standards) Establishing quality procedures for asphalt plants and support in establishing quality.
  5. Quality Control in marine and underwater works -Water desalination in Israel and abroad.
  6. Quality assurance and quality control in the project for the establishment of airports, including the runways, the construction of a terminal with all its components, control management and quality assurance for the construction of a control and control tower for all the support structures.
  7. Quality control services for the rehabilitation of Mobley water pipes Heaviest

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Public Works approved QA database maintenance and development projects.

Employees underwent training and courses in supervision, inspection and quality assurance in road construction, bridge and concrete.

The company performs quality control and quality assurance projects in road construction and 
bridge contractors and providing quality control services in construction and infrastructure
IQM - Quality Management Infrastructure Projects Phone: 052-3744028 | Email: boaz@iqm.co.il Address: POB 112, Neve Ziv 25123